Dumbledore, notorious for giving second chances Dumbledore, let Sirius rot in Azkaban for twelve years. 

He must have known Sirius well due to his time in the Order, he must have known what James meant to Sirius. Dumbledore was a member of the freaking Wizengamot yet he didn’t fight the Ministry’s horrifying trial-optional policy. 

This is a man who took back Death Eater!Snape at his word, shielded him from prison, and employed him at a school for children. 

But he didn’t have a use for Sirius, so he didn’t care about him.

I got 99 problems with Dumbledore and his treatment of Sirius Black accounts for like 64 of them.  

To be honest, Albus Dumbledore is one of the most disturbing, terrifying characters I’ve ever found in a book, because he thought he was a good guy and so did everyone else and the books don’t really challenge it either (given that Harry forgives him for everything he did), but when you look between the lines he was profoundly, profoundly immoral and unethical.

A couple of months ago, I was talking about HP characters with a friend, and he said that Dumbledore was one of his least favorite characters of all time.

Naturally, this took me back a bit since he’s one of the heroes of the series, misguided as he was at times. Still, I was curious and asked my friend why he hated him. His answer still strikes a chord with me.

"There is never, ever a reason to leave a child in an abusive home. Never."


can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed

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me rn


Ivan Aivazovsky, Darial Gorge, 1861


Ivan Aivazovsky, Darial Gorge, 1861

I literally have heard this song like twice and woke up with it in my head, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, I guess

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Got a new pillow for the chair


Got a new pillow for the chair

I had to take my grandma to the eye doctor and:

- I don’t mind bc they have leather armchairs in the waiting area I’m lounging in

- my eye doctor is a big nerd and had a crush on my aunt when they were in high school I guess? Idk he’s a good dude though

- my grandma has had to do the glaucoma eye flashy test thing twice bc she’s so nervous that she just kept pressing the button

- I was able to fit a decent sized book in my purse so it is now a Good Purse. That’s the only requirement.

This is a very good cover of a very good song. Please watch it.

Anonymous said: so being a 21 yr old college graduate... you don't feel weird that you love a boyband?


what am i supposed to love??? briefcases??? 



Othello Samira Wiley

DesdemonaSophie Turner

There are captions too, in case you wanted lines. Ugh, I love both of these ladies so much.

And bonus Iago:


speaking of timely, lesbian takes on Othello


Probably my favorite thing about my cat is that sometimes I’ll pet him and then he’ll dramatically flip over on his back so I can pet his belly. Like a dog.